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About Us           

Lightip Technologies is incorporated in Ontario, Canada and Hangzhou, China. It is engaged in the development, production and sales of novel tunable semiconductor lasers and photonic integrated devices and modules, for optical communications, health care, environmental monitoring and other applications. It is currently marketing an ultra-compact, low-power consumption, low-cost tunable semiconductor laser for broadband intelligent optical networks, FTTH, and data center optical interconnects, as well as other applications such as non-invasive medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and laboratory test and measurements.

Management Team

    Zhong L. Hou, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), received Master's degree in engineering economics from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in 1985. He has over 25 years of project management experience in automation, information technology and telecommunications industries, including management and sales director positions in top 500 well-known international companies such as Siemens and Ericsson. He has excellent skills in team leadership and customer relationship management, and has maintained good relationship with customers in the telecommunications industry. He is fluent in Chinese, Swedish and English, and can conduct basic conversation in German.

    Dr. Jian-Jun (JJ) He, Founder and CTO, received the Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies and Ph.D. degrees in semiconductor optoelectronics from the University of Paris VI, Paris, France, in 1986 and 1989, respectively. From1989 to1993, he was with Technical University of Nova Scotia (now Dalhousie University), Halifax, Canada, where he worked on semiconductor nonlinear optical devices. He joined the Institute for Microstructural Sciences, National Research Council (NRC) of Canada, Ottawa, Canada in 1994, where he worked on semiconductor optoelectronic devices for dense-wavelength-division- multiplexing applications. In 2000, he co-founded Canadian photonics start-up company MetroPhotonics and served as the Chief Scientist. He joined the Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University in 2006 as a Changjiang Chair Professor specially appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. He has published over 300 scientific papers, holds 20 US patents and over 50 Chinese patents. He served as a General Chair of 2011 and 2018 Asia Communication and Photonics Conference and Exhibition (ACP), and program chair, subcommittee chair and committee member of many other conferences. He is currently a Steering Committee member of Pacific-Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-PR), and a Topical Editor of Optics Letters. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA), and a Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).

   Ming Li, General Manager of Zhejiang Lightip Technologies (Zhuji), graduated from Wuhan University in June 2001. He has over 17 years of work experience in the field of semiconductor optical chips, devices and modules. From July 2001 to July 2005, he worked in WTD as a semiconductor optical device and optical chip engineer, deputy team leader in the national 863 project on 980nm pump laser in Mini-Dil without TEC, responsible for the R&D of the 980 nm pump laser chip process and the butterfly packaging. He join Jiangsu Allray Inc in July 2005 as senior engineer, R&D manager and Director of Optical Devices, in charge of 10G LX4 TOSA project, and new products introduction. From July 2012 to March 2016, he was the General Manager of a start-up company in Wuhan. From April to September 2016, he was the General Manager of Wuhan Fibertower Science and Technology Co., Ltd., He joined Lightip and served as the COO in September 2016. He has more than five granted invention patents in the field of semiconductor laser chips and devices.

   Dr. Jiasheng Zhao, VP of Product Engineering, received PhD degree in Optics from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012. He has 10 years of R&D experiences in fiber-optic communication and optoelectronic devices. In 2012, he joined Huawei as a research engineer, taking part in the development of different communication products, including TOSA , ROSA , SFP+, XFP, QSFP, WDM-PON, eOTDR, FTTX, and wireless fronthaul. He Joined Lightip in March 2016, and is responsible for product engineering and manufacturing.



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