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Patented Proprietary Tunable Laser Technology

Widely wavelength tunable semiconductor lasers are key components for next-generation optical networks. Conventional tunable lasers require complex fabrication processes such as non-uniform gratings and multiple epitaxial growths, and need multiple electrodes with complex control algorithms for wavelength tuning. As the dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology extends towards access and data center networks, the cost reduction and operational simplicity become more and more important.

Lightip has developed a simple and compact tunable laser based on patented proprietary technologies. It consists of a half-wave coupled V-cavity laser with only three electrodes: one for gain and direct modulation, one for channel selection corresponding to the ITU grid, and the third for fine tuning when needed. The laser structure does not involve any grating or epitaxial regrowth, and has a size of only about 500um x 300um. The advantages of compactness, fabrication simplicity and easy wavelength control offer cost-effective tunable laser solutions for many applications in access and data center networks, and beyond.

Half-wave coupled V-cavity tunable laser chip (0.5mmx0.3mm) 











Example emission spectra of InGaAsP/InP based 1550nm V-cavity tunable lasers (50 channels with 100GHz spacing and full C-band 93 channels with 50GHz spacing)



Example emission spectra of AlGaAs/GaAs based 870nm V-cavity tunable lasers






























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